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Response to E-mail Allegations That Human Fetuses are Eaten in Taiwan
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Published: July 18, 2001
Source: Government Information Office, Taiwan.

The ROC Government Information Office (GIO) deeply regrets the reappearance and circulation on the Internet of baseless allegations that dead babies or aborted fetuses are eaten in Taiwan, and asks those who receive such messages to ignore them, and not forward such outrageous claims to others.

Moreover, the GIO wishes to take this opportunity to explain the truth behind the rumors and the photos.

The allegations surfaced earlier this year in "Warta Perdana", a sensationalist Malaysian tabloid.

Accompanied by pictures of a man eating what appears to be a dead baby, the magazine claimed in an article titled "Taiwan's Hottest Food" that a restaurant in Taiwan has been serving human fetuses to its customers.

Following protests by Taiwan officials, "Warta Perdana" admitted that the article was based on an anonymous, unverifiable e-mail message.

The magazine has since written a correction and issued a formal apology.

The man in the picture is actually a mainland Chinese artist named Zhu Yu. He is notorious for performing violent, shocking acts designed to provoke a response from his audience. On one occasion, regrettably, he chose to eat an aborted fetus in a protest against the mainland Chinese government's lack of support for the performing arts. Photos from this event have been circulating on the Internet, along with a claim that it is a scene in a Taiwan restaurant.

The GIO wishes to emphasize that no event of this kind has ever taken place in Taiwan, and that the serving or eating of such a dish would break an ROC law against the defiling of human corpses.

Notice: It is very confusing that both Taiwan's and China's current official names are so easily muddled up by the world, especially those who are not familiar with the political, geographical or historical East Asia, though, here we make a brief list of the differentiation between the two countries as follows.
China: (Chinese Government)
PRC = People's Republic of China (since 1949)
ROC = Republic of China (since 1912)
China_National_Flag China's National Flag
Taiwan_National_Flag Taiwan's National Flag
Continental Country
Maritime Country
Ruling Party: Chinese Communist Party
Ruling Party: Democratic Progressive Party
President: Jiang Ze-ming
President: Chen Shui-bian
Area: 3.7 million square miles (9.6 million square kilometers, slightly smaller than the USA)
Area: 14,000 square miles (36,300 square kilometers)
Currency: Ren Min Bi (RMB/ Yuan)
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (NT$/ NTD)
GDP.: $1161.6 billion
GDP.: $363.4 billion
Population: 1278 million
Population: 22.31 million
GDP per head: $909.0
GDP per head: $16,300.0


Location of China and Taiwan in East Asia

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